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There are plenty of things to see and do…..

Portokali Cottage is very much off the beaten track. However, all local amenities and beauty spots are extremely close by.

Manganos is the nearest village and can be reached on foot. This is a short uphill walk that would take around 10 minutes.

Manganos has come back to life in recent years and now boasts three restaurants, two mini markets and a hardware store.

More information can be found on Manganos here.

The nearest beach to Portokali Cottage is the tiny but beautiful Alaties.  It would take around 5 minutes by car and could be walked to in about 20 minutes. However, as it is a downhill walk, it would take considerbly longer to gert back on foot, so a car is advised.

More information on all the beaches in the area can be found here.

The upbeat and upmarket village of Fiscardo can be reached by car from Portokali Cottage in around 10 minutes.

Fiscardo has a good selection of harbourside restaurants and coffee shops and is a great place to while away some hours watching the yachts and ferries dock.

There is more information on Fiscardo here

Fiscardo will also be the place to visit if you wish to try any activities or excursions. There are a couple of agencies that arrange boat trips. There are also boats for hire, scuba diving and more.

Check here for more information on Fiscardo activities

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